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Ayaz ilac was established in Turkey in 2014. The company seeks to provide high quality and effective products, based on natural extracts and beneficial nutrients, in accordance with the standards of the World Health Organization, quality and the GMP system, and these products are produced under the supervision of international medical and nutritional competencies.

The company aims to enter the global markets and provide its medical, food and cosmetic products at reasonable and competitive prices, and offers investors in these industries good and effective options. Its production lines include the manufacture of liquids, syrups, tablets, creams, and capsules, and the company is keen to provide sterilization and quality standards for all its products.

The company’s commercial management undertakes the task of competing in the markets through high-quality, effective products and competitive prices. The company seeks to achieve its vision through a qualified and experienced technical and administrative team.

Consumers of quality, effectiveness and safety, achieving their full satisfaction, and contributing to improving human health and quality of life. Ayaz is committed to continuous modernization and innovation in the development of products and services provided, in line with market requirements and customer needs.

Ayaz aims to make full use of the benefits of nutrients and natural extracts in the manufacture of its products, and always strives to provide consumers with high quality, effective and affordable products. The company is also interested in improving the health and quality of life for humans through its distinguished health, nutritional and cosmetic products.

Ayaz ilac is by a variety of production lines, including the manufacture of liquids, syrups, tablets, creams and capsules, and is characterized by its commitment to sterilization and quality standards for all its products. The company is constantly developing its products, and making continuous efforts in research, development and innovation, to meet the needs of the market and meet the desires and needs of customers.

The work team at Ayaz works to achieve the company’s vision and achieve its goals through its commitment to innovation and continuous modernization, teamwork and cooperation, and adherence to health and quality standards in all stages of production. The company seeks to find strategic partners in global markets to achieve expansion and sustainable growth in the food, health and cosmetic industries.